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marisa ulrich United States

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About me

i am an awesome kite maker and i do it for a living. i also have a pet flamingo whose name is pedro. he likes to make kites with me; alot. he makes me breakfast every morning


i live in the swampy grasslands of the florida everglades occasionally. otherwise i live in a remote island in the middle of the arctic ocean. i feel the freezing cold temps and lack of necessities gives me character.


i love flamingodance. you have probably never heard of it but thats because pedro made it. it is a very good mixture of pop, polka, and flamingo calls. we thought of this once while playing a rousing game of cricket on a giant slab of ice up in the arctic

Movies and TV:

i have to say my favorite movie is camp rock, mostly because demi lovato reminds me of pedro, and pedro likes this movie too.


i love cricket and chess. don't be fooled. pedro may have a small brain, but he knows how to use it.


i love to make kites, and paper mache dog treats. people actually buy them. it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. pedro occasionally poses for me when im feeling really creative and decide to make an ice sculpture


i have an obsession with spongebob squarepants. my igloo is covered in memorabilia from spongebob. you may think im wierd but you just wait, one day, spongebob will come to my house and you will all be jealous. ha ha ha!!


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